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Browse a selection of the main Newspapers around Europe. Our database has been set up recently so you will only find very update websites. All information and breaking news sorted by countries and regions in a couple of clicks !

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What is the importance of European newspapers in today's media landscape ?

European newspapers are becoming increasingly significant as a source of both national and regional news coverage. With a growing number of awards and events dedicated to recognizing the quality of work produced by european journalists and editors, ... read more

How are newspapers facing challenges during this economic crisis ?

The current economic crisis has had a ripple effect throughout the european newspaper industry. Advertising revenue for print newspapers is falling, resulting in loss of jobs and reduced circulation ... read more

What can be done to ensure that European newspapers remain competitive ?

One way in which european newspapers can remain competitive is through gaining support from governments and other organizations. For example, Germany's "Tag der Zeitungen" is aimed at promoting quality journalism ... read more

The Future of European Newspapers ?

European newspapers are facing a difficult time in the current economic climate. While there are many challenges ahead, these publications can remain competitive if they utilize innovative strategies for generating income ... read more

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